Hello!  My name is Kayce Shoffner. I am a natural light/ fine art photographer based out of Central Pennsylvania, specializing in wedding photography.+ I am a wife and a mother of two beautiful girls, Avery and Olive. My passion for photography started at a young age and it’s been such a blessing to see that passion become a career.  My goal, as a photographer, is to deliver photographs that are unique and are one of a kind to my clients. Capturing them in the raw. I am passionate about the beauty of marriage and the union of two souls people becoming one. I believe in the intimacy and covenant of marriage. I believe that marriage is a sacred bond that should not be entered into lightly.

Love is a big deal! Marriage is a big deal! It is created to be a bond that is lasting. Not here today, gone tomorrow. I believe in a love that is worth fighting for. A love that you will not cast aside. And it is a pleasure to photograph couples who believe and trust in that. The greatest thing is LOVE (1 Corinthians 13:13) and I am honored to be able to capture it in its essence. Your wedding day is not only a proclamation of your love for each other but the willingness to sacrifice for it; through thick and thin, on the mountain tops and in the valleys of life. My upmost desire is to capture wedding day moments like a story being written into my couple’s life journey. Image after image, with each photograph telling a story of its own in the grand novel of your life.






I want to tell your story