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Hey y’all! I can’t believe we are officially into September! 2016 is literally right around the corner and I can’t be more excited.

As may know already, as of last year, I officially started promoting myself more as a wedding photographer rather than a family photographer. Wedding photography has been a journey for me. When I shot my first wedding in 2009, I was absolutely terrified of shooting weddings. I found them so stressful and honestly I was just scared to shoot them. So I pursed family/portrait photography. Fast forward to fall 2013… In 2013, after experience and understanding of wedding photography, I fell in LOVE <3 I absolutely love it. The thrill of being apart of someone’s wedding journey is such a honor and a pleasure. 2014 was my first official wedding season and had the pleasure of shooting 10 fabulous weddings.

Now, fast forward to now… with being a stay at home mommy photographer with two kiddos, I’ve really been doing a lot of thinking to this coming year. With 10 weddings already booked for the 2016 wedding season, I’ve been thinking a lot  about what I would be offering to my clients in 2016. And one of the changes in 2016 (which I’ve already started this fall) is offering lifestyle newborn sessions only as my newborn photo package. My three hour studio newborns session are always fun and have loved everyone I’ve shot but with the new year, it seemed the right time for a change 🙂 What I absolutely LOVE is lifestyle newborn sessions. Lifestyle sessions have kinda become more of a passion of mine and I really enjoy them. They are more of a relaxed session not only for the parents but for the baby too.  If the baby is wide awake the entire time, it is OK! 🙂 It also gives my clients no time restraint on when the photographs need to be taken… which if any mommies are like me, I do NOT want to photographed within the first 5-7  days after birth ( yep, still living in pjs with hair that hasn’t been washed in four days! Thank the LORD for dry shampoo!) All in all, I feel like with my photography style, I shine a bit more in the lifestyle sessions. They are more natural and candid which are two of my LOVES.

So for all you moms wondering exactly what lifestyle newborn sessions look like, I decided to share a few shots from past lifestyle sessions. These sessions, just like the studio sessions, are taken in the comfort of your home. They can be in your bedroom, nursery, living room, etc. They feature baby, mom, dad, siblings, dog, hamster… whoever is important to you! Unlike my studio package, these sessions are shorter  (hour to hour and a half) which can be super helpful on recovering mommy and baby.

If you are interested in setting up a lifestyle newborn session, just visit my contact page at the menu. Enjoy the photos and look forward to a new year with new adventures!






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